Offering “the Best Hospitality,”
aiming for the Best in the World

CRED INTERNATIONAL produces select spa brands in
an aim to glocally (*glocal = global + local) showcase the hospitality culture of Japan and
offer “Premium Relaxation” to our customers.


“In-Room Spa” is
a service for partnered hotels to offer relaxation services including aroma treatments and massages,
courtesy of a therapist dispatched as a form of room service.

Aroma Treatment Service

Aroma Treatment Service

A dispatch-type aroma therapy treatment service to be featured as part of the room service offered at our partnered hotels and facilities. Treatments will be administered at hotel guestrooms so that customers can fully experience the aroma treatment in private, in a truly relaxing space without going to a salon.

By using aroma oils in the treatment, customers can fully enjoy the comfort and relaxation effects brought about by aroma therapy, and the effective properties of the aroma oils will be directly absorbed by the skin to invigorate metabolism, in addition to stimulating circulation of blood and lymph. Furthermore, it has various effects, such as facilitating the coordination between the autonomic and craniospinal nerves, as well as relieving pain in the affected areas.

  • We dispatch high-quality therapists.

    We dispatch high-quality therapists.

    Having established a training center within the head office, we thoroughly train all of the required expertise in providing service, including the basic and reception skills such as service quality, communication skills, and hospitality, utilizing rooms similar to those at hotels.

    We have over 1,500 registered therapists. Our staff members all have national qualifications and extensive hands-on experience in cosmetology. In addition to periodic training and monthly manner-seminars, we provide English education to accommodate inbound demand. Through these training programs, we strive to provide a safe environment for work by improving the quality of our therapists and caring for their mental well-being.

  • Our Featured Aroma Oils

    Our Featured Aroma Oils

    The aroma oils used in our therapy are carefully selected, plant-based oils with mild fragrances. Using these oils, they are blended together to leave no smells behind. Aromas will not be burned inside the guestrooms, so there are no concerns for the rooms being unavailable for use the next day. We offer various types of high-quality aroma oils, and our customers can select the oils to their liking depending on their preference, feeling and health conditions during the counseling session before the treatment.

    In addition, our therapy does not leave any smells or stain the linens, as the treatments are administered on large waterproof sheets that our therapists bring along, putting the beddings aside on the desk.

Service Menu

  • We offer various types of service that
    match the hotel’s concept.

    In addition to aroma oil treatment, we offer Swedish, Balinese and Ayurveda.
    These can be selected when we launch the service according to the hotel’s concept.

    • Swedish


      A treatment developed under the orders of the King of Sweden during the 18th to 19th century. It is said to be the origin of all oil treatment massages from around the world. A treatment using a small amount of oil to physically work into the body, its feature is that it fully massages and relaxes the muscles. Using oil aromas to relax the tension of the nerves, the therapist massages the muscles that have tightened due to stress and fatigue with gradually increasing pressure, without damaging the joints.

    • Balinese


      The Balinese treatment is a type of traditional massage from the islands of Bali. In this treatment, the therapist massages tense muscles using plenty of oil and facilitates the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body by pressing on the pressure points. The treatment cleanses the inside of the body to facilitate detox and activate the cellular structures deep inside the skin. It also treats puffiness and shoulder aches, and is effective for chronic fatigue and sensitivity to cold. With its high relaxation effects, the treatment improves the natural curative powers within, and heals various troubles through mental sedation.

    • Ayurveda


      An Indian detox massage based on the teachings of the Ayurveda, a traditional medicine from India. The treatment uses oils that fit the customer’s physical properties to treat the entire body accordingly. It differs considerably from a standard massage in that its focus is on circulation via the vein, and not the artery. This greatly improves not only the detox function of the body, but also the natural curative powers and immunity, as well as the overall condition of the body.

On Implementation of this Service

There is absolutely no cost pertaining to the implementation of our company’s service.
In addition, everything required to launch the service, such as design fees, direction fees, point of purchase advertising and easels will be provided by our company.

Furthermore, we will guarantee a high return rate of over 10% of the profits.

What We Offer as the Leading Provider of In-Room Spa

A specialized call center and online system are available to alleviate our partnered hotels and facilities from any burden.
We offer optimal service to our customers through the thorough management of orders and human resources, reducing opportunity losses.

With locations nationwide, we can implement a nationwide launch through a package contract with the head office.
*The service is unavailable in some regions.

  • Specialized Call Center
    • ・We will accept reservations for the aroma treatment service directly from customers through our company’s specialized call center.
    • ・We also have English-speaking staff available.
    • ・We can arrange for services without the need for support from the reception. There is no need for the understanding of the product or training pertaining to service.
    • ・We can offer services to the customers in a timely manner through a specialized system.
  • Specialized Online System

    The therapists will be dispatched to the customers from their stand-by locations in each region through this system.
    The hotels will have no need to prepare a place for the therapists to stand-by.
    In addition, we have streamlined the workload regarding phone calls and billing to reduce telecommunications and office costs.

The “Secret” to Our High Repeat Rate

  • Attracting Male Customers

    We have restructured our overall service including the service hours based on researching
    the state of mind and behavioral patterns of male customers during business trips.
    We can offer stronger massage treatments upon request. The therapists can adjust the strength of the massage according to the preference of the customer.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    Compared to traditional hotel spa services, our prices are lower by 20 to 30%.
    In addition, changes to the pricing and courses, as well as the billing method to customers and
    payment of fees can be accommodated in a variety of patterns.

  • Service Hours

    We offer our services during the hours with high demand, in line with the needs of today.
    We are open until late at night to accommodate the current needs.
    There will be no loss of opportunity due to us being closed when the customers want the treatment.

    Our Service Hours

Overview of Launching the Service

  • Overview Until
    the Service Launch
  • Overview of Operations
    After the Service Launch
  1. STEP1

    Application for adopting the service

  2. STEP2

    Confirmation of payment method for fees, etc.

  3. STEP3

    Preparation and execution of the agreement We accept adopting contract plans and ladies-only options after a trial launch.

  4. STEP4

    Confirmation of advertisement design and sizes of point of purchase advertising and easels

  5. STEP5

    Installation of the above to specified locations Install at the specified locations upon delivery of the equipment by our company’s specified provider

  6. STEP6

    Installation of our company’s specified building access records Print out our company’s specified building access records and place into a binder at the reception

  7. STEP7

    Launch of service

  1. STEP1

    Customers will directly book appointments for services with our company

  2. STEP2

    Confirmation of the course name, hour(s), number of person(s), room number and name of the customer

  3. STEP3

    Arrange for the service upon confirmation of the arrival time with the customer *We will require 30 minutes on average from the appointment booking to the arrival of the therapist.

  4. STEP4

    Arrival of the therapist Visit the guestroom after filling in the building access records at the reception

  5. STEP5

    Arrive to the guestroom and confirm the appointment details

  6. STEP6

    Receive a signature on a consent form and collect the fee

  7. STEP7

    After providing the service, leave the room

  8. STEP8

    Fill in the building access records at the reception

  9. STEP9

    The therapist pays the fee *Fees can be paid in a lump-sum at the end of month

  10. STEP10

    End of service, leave the hotel *Please send the building access records to our company once a month via FAX


Safe and Secure

Our Risk Management Department accumulates their expertise to formulate measures so that
the hotels will not be exposed to any risks even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
In addition, in the event of a complaint, our staff in charge will take responsibility and resolve the situation.

In terms of safety management, we take detailed care and we are insured up to ¥100 million by AIG General Insurance,
in case of any risk to the corporation.